Escuela El Sembrador - Values

These core values keep the students, staff, and ministries at Escuela El Sembrador focused on what’s important.

Christ-centered: Christ is the center of everything we do and say. We uphold Christian character in every daily activity no matter how insignificant it may seem. The Bible is the core foundation of each of our principles.

Integrity: We believe displaying integrity is the unique combination of encompassing honesty and sincerity. We use a moral standard to determine what the right thing to do or say is and follow through no matter the consequences.

Human Development: We were created to grow and mature in an integral way. It is through personal growth that our country will continue to excel. We believe that it is our responsibility to cultivate our nation and aid others in their character and spiritual development.

Patriotism: Holding our country in high regard instills strong values and precedence. We are proud to be the sons and daughters of Honduras.

Family: It is the most valuable institution of society. Family is irreplaceable, and we believe it to be the basis of who we are and what we will become. God created the family, and He nourishes and supports it.

Communication: Express your thoughts in an appropriate, selfless manner and always with loving intentions. We want to teach the transformation of feelings into words of wisdom. Out of respect for others, and incorporating complete communication, we insist that everyone has access to information in an appropriate and timely fashion.

Discipline: Do what you must do whether you like it or not. Overcome the comfort of mediocrity and apathy and stand and bear the pain of discipline in hopes of benefiting from the results tied to obedience.

Service: Never tire of doing good, give without expecting anything in return, and always act selflessly, putting others before ourselves.