Counseling Ministries

Reconciliation. Emotional and mental healing. Processing grief and trauma. Through counseling ministries, people are being made whole—and introduced to the One who can be their Savior.

Counseling ministries of various levels can be found on nearly every WGM field. Most missionaries are involved in one-on-one discipleship or pastoral care opportunities, and many are trained in helping people navigate difficult personal circumstances. 

For people with more specific concerns, meeting with a trained Christian counselor can bring about true healing and restoration.

Counseling as a Mission Field

Debbie McKelvey is a marriage and family therapist and serves on the Texas/Mexico Border, where she counsels at a local church that has a counseling ministry. “I want to be sensitive to every opportunity to share God’s hope in every situation,” she shared. “It is a joy to share God’s unconditional love to those who feel hopeless because of past sin. I am also blessed to share the healing power of Jesus with those who have been abused, abandoned, or betrayed. People need to know our Savior understands, because He suffered the same things we suffer, and it is by His stripes we are truly healed (Isaiah 53:5).”

Member Health

Whether in times of deep crisis or when there is a simple need for renewal, the Member Health team—a counselor, pastors, and an MK coordinator—works to care for the spiritual and emotional needs of missionaries and national partners around the world. 

“Not everyone needs counseling,” shared Marlene McGrady, who serves as a counselor with Member Health. “But everyone can benefit from it.”

In addition to one-on-one sessions and phone/Skype calls, the Member Health team intervenes in times of crisis, refers missionaries for further treatment if necessary, conducts renewal retreats, and promotes the idea of “My Brother’s Keeper,” encouraging missionaries to care for each other and be aware of their needs. 

“We want to be proactive in helping missionaries gain the tools they need to be healthy and know when they need to get additional help,” said Ned McGrady, the director of Member Health. 

Partner with Counseling Ministries

PrayPray: Pray for wisdom and understanding for missionaries serving in counseling roles. Pray that the hearts of those they minister to will be receptive to the transforming love of Christ. 

GoGo: Opportunities for counselors are available in the United States, Mexico, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Honduras, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Contact to discover your mission field. 

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