Education Introduction

Sow the Seeds of Education

An Example of an Educational Cause with World Gospel Mission

In areas like Central America, education is simply a dream. Education as a ministry cause is making dreams achievable. In Central America, these outreaches are as unique as the people they serve.

Children are learning how to read and write across the street from a city dump, and adults are learning a skill at a vocational school. In addition to learning to read and write, boys are learning auto repair and taking care of cows and pigs on a farm and girls are learning to sew. Some adults even study at a seminary to effectively spread God’s Word in their communities and throughout their country.

Education Projects–Africa

Necessary Textbook: A Bible—Kenya

It’s hard to learn without a guide. Many Kenyans are thirsty to know more about God, but they lack the only necessary textbook—a Bible. College students attending Christian colleges need the Bible for schoolwork. Women in rural Kenya who attend Bible studies need a Bible to actually study. Bibles are even needed by men and women in prison and victims of severe trauma, as the knowledge of God’s Word helps them persevere through their trials. Donate $10 to give one of these people the invaluable Word of God.

Project #21170
$10 per Bible

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Thirsty for Theology—Kenya

Theological education prepares pastors who will grow the church in their communities, and Africa Gospel Church in Kenya conducts training all over the country. However, as students from unreached people groups, such as the Turkana, Pokot, Ilchamus, Samburu, and Duruma, begin their biblical training, they struggle to pay their school fees. There are few supporting churches in these areas, and the students’ families are often not Christians. Help prepare these student-pastors to impact their communities for Christ.

Project #21162
Any donation amount is welcome, but here are some giving options:
$125 per student per month
$500 per student per semester
$1,500 per student per year

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Scholarships for Orphans—Kenya

There are several private, Christian orphanages around Tenwek Hospital. Although there is free education in Kenya, there are other costs that make it difficult for orphans to attend school. A small donation from you can make a big difference in these children’s lives by giving them access to school.

Project #25190
Preschool fees for one child for a year: $75
Elementary school fees for one child for a year: $125
High school fees for one student for a year: $500

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Train Children in the Way They Should Go—Uganda

Imagine a schoolroom where nobody has a book but the teacher—and the only lessons you can work on are those you've laboriously copied off of a chalkboard. Many schools in rural Uganda struggle due to lack of supplies and funds. Just $7 per child changes that, providing children with their own textbooks.

Project #33341
$7 per child

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Church for College Students—Uganda

Kampala International University, one of the biggest in East Africa, has church services on its massive campus every week, often meeting for worship in one of the larger classrooms. But if the school decides that it needs that classroom for something else on Sunday morning, seekers are left, well, seeking! Help this church rent a dedicated building close to campus for services and Bible studies, so that it can continue ministering to more than 600 students who attend every week.     

Project #21343

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24/7 Teachers—Uganda

When Christian educators are able to live in the same community where they teach, their influence extends beyond teaching at school. By modeling Christ-likeness in all areas of life, they become community leaders and examples for students, parents, and other community leaders. Embed a Christian teacher in a Ugandan community as a living example of Christ.        

Project #33341

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Education for AIDS Orphans—Uganda

In Uganda, when a child is orphaned (or parents are unable to provide care), the focus is often on survival—finding a safe home, getting enough to eat, etc. One crucial and often overlooked need is education. A mere $12 per month provides an orphan with a good education, a loving Christian environment, textbooks, and school lunch. Give these kids hope for now, and for the future.

Project #23340

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Shape a Shepherd—Uganda

In the West, our pastors can attend Bible colleges, seminary, and dozens of continuing education events. In Uganda, many pastors get only a few Bible lessons from the person who won them to Christ. For only $525 (or $175 per year), you can make it possible for a pastor to attend a three-year training program.

Project #21340
$525 per pastor
$175 per year for three years

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Education Projects–Asia/Oceania

Bible Training On The Go!—Papua New Guinea

If you can’t bring pastors to Bible college, then bring the Bible college to the pastors! The rural pastors of Papua New Guinea can’t leave their congregations to go study, so raise funds to bring cutting-edge mobile training programs to these pastors. $95 per person enables one pastor or church worker to attend a wide range of Bible and ministry training classes right in their home area!  

Project #21432
$95 per person

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College for $600 a Year?—Papua New Guinea

Although $600 sounds like an unbelievable bargain for higher education, that’s the going rate in Papua New Guinea. However, the average resident makes only about half that amount in a year. Going to college to be a pastor is little more than a dream for most. Through Christian Union Bible College, you can make that dream come true for tomorrow’s leaders. Raise money for a single scholarship…and transform a church and a nation!

Project #22433
$600 per year

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Stock Library Shelves—Papua New Guinea

Students at Christian Union Bible College are eager to start their studies in pastoral ministry, theology, and education. The library at CUBC is in desperate need of good theological books on these important topics. Give students a chance to go deep in their studies by purchasing some of the books they are missing.

Project #22433
$22 per year

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Education Projects—Central America

Sponsor a Student at El Sembrador—Honduras

There are so many young people in Honduras who are ready to change their lives but who don’t have the means to afford a quality education. Your sponsorship of a student at El Sembrador will give that young person the unique opportunity to transform his life. A yearly sponsorship of $3,000 provides everything he will need: nutritious food, a comfortable dorm to live in, and the salaries for the teachers who will educate him and the Christian counselors who will provide guidance and spiritual discipleship.

Project #23493
Sponsor a student for one…
Day: $8
Week: $57
Month: $250
Year: $3,000

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Happy Birthday to You! Share your Birthday with a Student at El Sembrador—Honduras

A birthday is a day worth celebrating! When your special day comes along, take a quick break from the cake and streamers and help an El Sembrador student celebrate, too, when you sponsor a birthday party. A gift of $250 will provide a party complete with cake, a piñata, and even presents for the students who share your birthday or birthday month. Help us show our students how much they are loved!

Project #23493
$250 per party

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Sponsor a Library Book at El Sembrador—Honduras

Many rural elementary schools in Honduras barely have enough money for school supplies, let alone a library for their students. Three years ago El Sembrador began a mobile library program that was designed to provide books to kids and instill in them a love of reading. The program has been a great success and has expanded from one school to five! However, we are now in need of more books so the students have new material to read. You can help their passion for reading and learning continue to grow by sponsoring a library book.

Project #33006
One book: $9
Books for an entire school: $400

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Campus Improvements at El Sembrador—Honduras

There are several areas at El Sembrador that are in need of improvement to help the daily lives of our staff and students run more smoothly. When we have better facilities, we are better equipped to serve our students and give them the best education possible.

Project #33504
Expansion of the bridge: $2,000

Within a long-term project to help keep incoming and outgoing traffic at El Sembrador safe and efficient, we will need to expand the bridge at the entrance of El Sembrador.

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Separate road for delivery trucks: $2,000

Right now we have one main road entering El Sembrador. We plan to create a separate road for delivery trucks for the farm so these large vehicles will not have to maneuver through the entire school campus.

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Remodel of the security guard station: $1,000

As we make improvements to the main entrance, we will also need to remodel our security guard station to accommodate the changes.

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Education Projects–Europe

A Library in My Language—Hungary

Hungarian is a notoriously difficult language to learn, and theological resources for pastors are limited and expensive. Your gift will provide resource books in Hungarian to a library for pastors.  

Project #21452
$20 per book

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Education Projects–North America

Living Word Academy Scholarships—American Indian Field

Children fortunate enough to attend Living Word Academy on the Tohono O’odham Reservation in Arizona have the opportunity to hear about Jesus every day, but most other children on the reservation do not. Your scholarship gift makes it possible to tip the balance—and impact the future of the whole tribe!

Project #23750
$210 per month

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Start Here—American Indian Field

Have you ever opened the Word of God and wondered, “Where do I start?” Many Native American pastors—trying to get by without adequate Bible study resources and commentaries—are asking that question right now. Provide these pastors with their own set of commentaries and Bible study books that will help them lead their churches effectively.

Project #21722
$120 per set

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Shape a Shepherd—Mexico

In Mexico, while most pastors have not attended seminary or Bible college, there is a growing need and desire to receive more formal training. For $300 ($900 for full three-year program), you can send a pastor to a year of comprehensive ministry training that is necessary to lead a church.  

Project #22565
$300 per pastor, per year

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Taylor Christian School Scholarships—Texas/Mexico Border Ministries

Taylor Christian School brings the gift of education to children in a poor Hispanic neighborhood on the Texas/Mexico border. Your scholarship gift will enable one child to receive a quality Christian education for a whole year.

Project #23562
$240/month (10 months)

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Education Projects–South America

Computers for Christian Residence—Argentina

Students come from great distances to study in the city of Córdoba. WGM Argentina offers Christian students safe lodging and discipleship training as they study at the university. Having access to a computer at the residence for study and research will be a tremendous help to the residents and a wonderful answer to prayer.

Project #26590
$800 for a men’s residence computer
$800 for a women’s residence computer

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Homes for Missionaries in Language Study—Paraguay

When missionaries come to the Guarani-Jopara Language Institute to study Guarani, the heart language of Paraguayans, it’s a struggle to find a good place to live. The institute is located in a remote area, and available houses for rent are not in very good condition. We want to construct two homes for language students in order to have reliable residences available close to the institute. Your gift of any amount to meet the goal of $40,000 for each house will allow missionaries to have a decent place to stay as they study the heart language of the people they are coming to share Jesus with.

Project #33663
$40,000 per house

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