Church Ministries Introduction

Church Is More than a Building

An Example of a Church Ministries Cause with World Gospel Mission

Florencio. Rudy. Evangelina. They will each spend eternity in heaven because of church ministries in the Guarayos of Bolivia. Although these friends of Mike and Donna Brown have passed away, we will meet them on resurrection day.

And, church ministries continue in Bolivia, and lives are being changed among the sugar cane fields of Campo Grande. You won’t find this remote community on a map, but you have brothers and sisters in Christ there.

Church is more than the building you go to on Sunday. It’s about building relationships, encouraging people in their walks with God, and reaching out to our unsaved friends and neighbors around the world.

Church Ministries Projects–Africa

Raise the Roof—Uganda

Seeing the glory of God’s creation during a church service sounds wonderful, but it loses some of its charm when you are baking in the sun, soaking in the rain, or battling bugs week after week. Poor churches are often forced to build a church wall by wall, as funds are available. Give a church a real roof to finish the building, and increase the ability to focus on the Word.

Project # 21345

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No Sunday School for You—Uganda

As kids we might have thought it was wonderful getting out of Sunday School from time to time—well, until we thought about it a little. But young Ugandans are crying out for the chance to get in! Most Sunday School materials are available only in English, which means many young Ugandans can’t get much out of them. But a set of lessons has been translated into the national languages of Luganda and Ateso. Every $5 you donate allows one set of books to be printed and distributed to a Ugandan child.

Project #24341
$5 per set of lessons

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Wanted: Local Leaders!—Uganda

WANTED: Local Ugandan Christian Leaders

$120 REWARD (supplied by you) will provide biblical education and training to particularly promising candidates for leadership in the Ugandan church and society.

Project #24340

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Pass on your Youth Camp Experience…Internationally!—Uganda

Remember as a kid how much you enjoyed spending time with friends at camp? Remember laughing until your sides ached and learning about things your parents didn’t even know? Young Ugandans are very social and love to be active. A youth camp is a perfect opportunity to share the gospel with large numbers of Ugandan teens in a fun setting. Your gift of $420 will cover the majority of expenses for a camp.

Project # 21344

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Church Ministries Projects–N.A.

Retreat to the Campground—Mexico

Remember the warmth, fellowship, and growth in love that you experienced at Christian camp? Remember having to sit cross-legged on the floor, eating at tables that rocked when you leaned on them, and the restless nights trying to sleep on a lumpy mattress? Create a joyful experience for pastors, families, and youth at El Tunal Campground with comfortable chairs, stable tables, and smooth mattresses. Provide the facilities for families to grow in their faith, to be spiritually equipped, and to leave refreshed.

Project #31563
Mattress: $20

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Eight-Foot Table: $80

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Chair: $18

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21st Century Pastors—Mexico

Where would today’s pastors be without computers? A worldwide network of everything Christian is just a click away—and that can change everything for a pastor in Mexico. Training opportunities, ministry tools, theological and counseling resources—deliver them all to a waiting pastor south of the border for the cost of a $500 computer.  

Project #22565

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Resources for Pastors—Mexico

Reference books, Bible study aids, and commentaries are beyond the financial reach of most Mexican pastors. Your gift will supply pastors with the study resources they need to teach and disciple the congregations placed under their care.

Project #22565

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Church Ministries Projects–S.A.

Scholarships for Argentina

As Argentine pastors and Christian young people become interested in further education and getting trained for ministry, the main barrier is usually lack of funds. Scholarships remove this barrier and are a great personal encouragement as the recipient sees God’s provision. Help select Argentine believers attend conferences, seminars, Bible training, seminary classes, and missionary training events through a scholarship.

Project #90271
$50 per student per year

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Let the Light Shine—Bolivia

Candlelight services are great on Christmas Eve. But candlelight every time you enter the church building? In the Bolivian highlands, there is no other choice! With no available electricity, worship buildings are illuminated only by lamps and candles—hard on the eyes, the lungs, and the attention span! Enable these churches to let their light shine by raising enough funds to help them purchase portable generators.

Project #26610
$1,200 per generator

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The Good Shepherd 101—Bolivia

When we want an overview of a new subject in college, we take Interest 101. In Bolivian churches, the class comes in the form of Bible study aids, commentaries, and reference books. Yet those materials come at a high cost given a Bolivian pastor’s limited financial means. Provide the doctrinally-sound materials needed to deepen the spiritual lives of their flocks.

Project #26610
$30 per set

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You May Be Seated—Paraguay

It’s hard to focus on worship and prayer when the only seats in the sanctuary are old, broken pews. For just $50 ($500 for a whole church), you’ll provide new pews that will enable Paraguayan worshippers to be seated…splinter-free!

Project #21661
$50 per church pew

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