Letter from the President

Begin your journey on the Great Commission!

As missionary Alene Burgert began to speak, everyone in attendance immediately sensed the energy of a God-given cause. Alene’s training and experience in prison chaplaincy ministry in the United States had “unknowingly” prepared her to play a vital role in the new prison chaplaincy training program envisioned by Africa Gospel Church in Kenya, where she and her husband, Steve, serve. She exuded passion and compassion as she told the story of Peter, who was converted while serving a life sentence in prison. He was miraculously released and is now studying at Kaboson Pastors Training College, preparing to go back into the prison as a chaplain.

Alene not only discovered a God-given cause; she’s intent on duplicating that cause in the lives of others in order to touch needy communities with the life-transforming message of the gospel. There is no greater cause!

With God’s help, WGM is intent on helping believers discover missions—to discover their God-given cause. So, what is your cause?

This online catalog is about recruiting others in your cause—rallying your friends and family to personally connect missionaries around the world with the resources they need to share the love of Christ with those in need.

Here’s how it works. (Click the Introduction link on your left for more info.)

  1. Read about these God-given causes. Is there one that speaks to your heart?
  2. Discuss the cause with family, friends, coworkers, or neighbors.
  3. Pray for guidance about which project to undertake.
  4. Recruit a team of supporters to join you in raising money for your project.
  5. Gather your resources and donate to the project online.

We call this The Great Co-Mission Catalog for a reason: these projects are missions that can only be done together. WGM provides the missionaries, the fundraising tools, and the coaching. You provide the people, the resources, and the drive to make it happen. Together, we will raise up schools, build clinics, drill wells, and, above all, share the gospel.

I’ve witnessed something about people who discover and give themselves to a God-given cause—they come alive and they inspire life! When the focus shifts from me to others, we begin to breathe the very breath of God with its life-transforming power.

Ready? Let’s begin our journey on the Great Commission!

Dan Schafer, President

*All contributions designated for specific projects will be given to those projects. If we receive more donations for a project than are necessary, those funds will be applied to another similar need. We place utmost importance on your donations getting to the project you intend, but WGM has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.