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World Gospel Mission
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Mike Nowicki's Eagle Project for El Sembrador-1

Help me build an outdoor classroom for the El Sembrador Boarding School!  My project is to plan and construct an outdoor classroom area for instruction at the El Sembrador School in Catacamas, Honduras.  El Sembrador offers educational programs from preschool through high school.  It also includes vocational learning while providing students with English language instruction.

Please help make a difference for the youth of Honduras!

June 8–20, 2019 Team to Honduras

Account: 52178

Team Leader:Jeff Smith

On the Checkout page, please click "Add instructions to the finance office" and include the team member's name in the message field that follows.

Thanks for helping this team serve in Honduras!

Recent Contributors

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Name Amount Date Comment
Private $100.00 Dec 10th, 2018
Douglas Morgan $100.00 Dec 16th, 2018 We’re proud of you Michael!! Keep up the great work and making a difference in the world!!!
sherri katz $300.00 Jan 06th, 2019 Mike, you should be so proud of yourself, giving this way to make a REAL difference in the lives of those so much less fortunate than we are. You're truly a special young man. I'm happy to help in this incredibly meaningful project.
Sylvester Taube $25.00 Jan 14th, 2019
TIMOTHY HOGAN $500.00 Jan 14th, 2019 Michael, St. Fabian Parish is behind you 100%. God bless, Msgr. Hogan
Susan Crudgington $40.00 Jan 30th, 2019 Mike, You are an inspiration to young people everywhere. Thank you for your service.
Therese Smith $50.00 Feb 02nd, 2019
Mary Beth Schmid $50.00 Feb 02nd, 2019 What an awesome choice you have made! May God be with you every step of the way. We will be praying for you.
Elaine Carlson $200.00 Feb 03rd, 2019 Please pray for us as we will for you Best wishes
Private $25.00 Feb 03rd, 2019 Good Luck with your project.
Rohan Dsouza $100.00 Feb 03rd, 2019
Private $25.00 Feb 03rd, 2019 Mike Nowicki
David Reichard $50.00 Feb 03rd, 2019
Cynthia Matuszak $40.00 Feb 03rd, 2019 Best of luck with this worthwhile project, Mike. God Bless you and the team!
ELIZABETH Comerford $250.00 Feb 03rd, 2019 What a wonderful project Mike! God bless you, we'll be praying for your success.
Christopher Lukas $250.00 Feb 03rd, 2019
Terrie Nicholson $100.00 Feb 04th, 2019 Looking forward to project updates and hearing about the successful results.
Private $200.00 Feb 04th, 2019 Good Luck Mike and may God be with you!
Private $75.00 Feb 04th, 2019 God bless your project. Everyone is proud to have you as a Parish Member of St. Fabian and the Orchard Lake Schools
Cynthia Lukotch $100.00 Feb 04th, 2019 Thank you for making a difference!
Erich Mau $120.00 Feb 04th, 2019
Patricia Kaye $150.00 Feb 04th, 2019 Wishing you blessings as you set out to achieve your goal!!!
John LoPorto $100.00 Feb 05th, 2019
Thomas Norman $100.00 Feb 05th, 2019 We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Dean Nowicki $1,180.00 Feb 05th, 2019 Donations from St. Fabian parishioners the weekend of February 3. No tax receipt required for this deposit - cash donations.
Private $100.00 Feb 05th, 2019 Good Luck!
Private $25.00 Feb 06th, 2019
Private $50.00 Feb 06th, 2019
Kristin Morton $100.00 Feb 06th, 2019 So proud of you Michael!
Dean Nowicki $500.00 Feb 06th, 2019 From Grandma and Grandpa - We are so proud of you.
Steven Samp $50.00 Feb 06th, 2019 Michael, We admire and commend you for this noble endevour and wish you the best of luck! Enjoy the experience. Mr. & Mrs. Samp
Robert Rossi $25.00 Feb 07th, 2019 God bless you!
Jennifer Mooney $25.00 Feb 07th, 2019 Great project! My boys are fellow OLSM classmates.
Private $100.00 Feb 07th, 2019 Wonderful project! Good luck from an OLSM family!
Jeannelle Corbin $200.00 Feb 07th, 2019 God bless you Mike!
Sharon Bral $50.00 Feb 08th, 2019 Michael Nowicki
Knights of Columbus $500.00 Feb 08th, 2019 St. Fabian Knights of Columbus
Joe Lozano $25.00 Feb 08th, 2019
Private $200.00 Feb 09th, 2019 St. Fabian parishioner praying for your successful completion of your Eagle project.
Private $25.00 Feb 09th, 2019 Good luck and God Bless
Patricia Allmen $100.00 Feb 09th, 2019 Great project, Mike. God bless and good luck.
Private $100.00 Feb 09th, 2019 Way to go Michael. Good luck and God bless you in your endeavor.
Private $50.00 Feb 09th, 2019 Will be donating each month until you leave! Such a special project and I'm very proud of you!
Janice Ricco $25.00 Feb 10th, 2019 May God be with you and your team
Diane Di Ponio $50.00 Feb 12th, 2019 Hi Mike, We read your story in St. Fabian's paper. We were bummed that we didn't get to meet you and see your project set up that morning. What an amazing story that will benefit so many children...truly doing God's work!! We wish you 100% success and we look forward to meeting you and hearing about your journey. Jake and Diane Di Ponio
Catherine Hubbard $100.00 Feb 14th, 2019 Your commitment is admirable, Mike! Thanks for all you are doing to make this world a better place!
Suneel Dsouza $100.00 Feb 16th, 2019
Dean Nowicki $40.00 Feb 17th, 2019 Cash from St. Fabian donated on or before February 17
Erich Mau $500.00 Feb 17th, 2019 Learning about activities such as yours makes us proud to be members of the St. Fabian Faith Community.
Private $50.00 Feb 18th, 2019 Praying for you and the success of your project.
Offline Gift $100.00 Feb 22nd, 2019 Barbara Muir
Offline Gift $100.00 Feb 22nd, 2019 Roberta McClintock
Offline Gift $30.00 Feb 22nd, 2019 Vicki West
Offline Gift $20.00 Feb 22nd, 2019 Zenaida Gilagan
Offline Gift $100.00 Feb 22nd, 2019 Colette Otwell
Offline Gift $100.00 Feb 22nd, 2019 Nazik Bahri
Offline Gift $50.00 Feb 22nd, 2019 Zeena Qaji
Offline Gift $50.00 Feb 22nd, 2019 Ursula Murray
Offline Gift $30.00 Feb 22nd, 2019 Nadal Kassab
Offline Gift $50.00 Feb 22nd, 2019 Patrick Murphy
Paul Pyrkosz $430.00 Feb 26th, 2019 St. Fabian as of 2/26
Offline Gift $50.00 Feb 27th, 2019 Fr. Andrew Dawson
Offline Gift $25.00 Feb 27th, 2019 Regina Feeney
Offline Gift $25.00 Feb 27th, 2019 Constance Carruthers
Offline Gift $50.00 Feb 27th, 2019 Jane Anna Hier-Rose
Offline Gift $100.00 Feb 27th, 2019 Nancy Kornacki
Offline Gift $50.00 Feb 27th, 2019 Celeste Dykas
Offline Gift $100.00 Feb 27th, 2019 Patricia Hammell
Offline Gift $50.00 Feb 27th, 2019 Lawrence Schenden
Offline Gift $25.00 Feb 27th, 2019 Shirley Spaseff
Offline Gift $50.00 Feb 27th, 2019 Richard Miller
Robert Cox $25.00 Feb 28th, 2019 Good luck and God bless
Offline Gift $50.00 Feb 28th, 2019 Dean Nowicki
Private $50.00 Mar 05th, 2019
Sharon Videtich $50.00 Mar 08th, 2019 This is a wonderful project. Have a blessed, safe and productive trip!
Offline Gift $50.00 Mar 11th, 2019 Mario Rocco Rea
Offline Gift $100.00 Mar 11th, 2019 Roger & Corinna Weber
Offline Gift $100.00 Mar 11th, 2019 Dorothy Synkonis
Nancy Jezdimir $25.00 Mar 12th, 2019
Susan Aaronson $300.00 Mar 21st, 2019
Private $25.00 Mar 26th, 2019
Steven Brown $100.00 Mar 29th, 2019
Offline Gift $50.00 Apr 03rd, 2019 Richard & Lisa Robinson
Joan Fisher $50.00 Apr 03rd, 2019 Mike, God bless you and the children you are serving!!
Abigail Sorensen- Brittich $20.00 Apr 10th, 2019 Good luck in Honduras!
Offline Gift $50.00 Apr 11th, 2019 Ralph Koch
Steve Fadie $25.00 Apr 11th, 2019 Thank you for caring so much, Mike. Safe journey. Good luck in Catacamus.
Dean Nowicki $70.00 Apr 19th, 2019 Donation on behalf of Brady and Guirlinger
Offline Gift $1,000.00 Apr 22nd, 2019 Nardin Park United Methodist Church
Private $100.00 May 04th, 2019