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World Gospel Mission

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LIFT US UP, The Elevator Campaign

My name is Seanan Handwork and I am the ambassador for The Valdete Trust in Albania. I have Noonan Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. I've been fortunate to have many surgeries to help correct issues and give me a better chance at being mobile and living an independent life. I hope that my work with the Valdete Trust allows those in Albania to have some of the same resources I've had.


The Valdete Trust needs to install an elevator in their facility to replace its manual stair-climbing chair. An elevator would allow students to independently and safely navigate the facility and save valuable time in the day that has been required to transfer students between classes, physical therapy, and recreation.



As of July 1st we have passed the $10,000 mark for the elevator fund! This amount shows what has come in through checks that is not reflected in the online giving total on this page. In full faith we are believing the elevator to be funded this month. We only have a few weeks left, so please help Lift Us Up by contributing to the Elevator Campaign and/or sharing this page. Thank you!


The Valdete Trust (VT) is a Christian aid organization that began in the United Kingdom to help one young disabled Albanian woman, Valdete, with medical needs but has now expanded to help nearly a dozen others through the provision of a daycare center between the two largest cities in Albania (Tirana and Durres) for those suffering from muscular dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, and other similar conditions that make mobility a challenge.

WHY VT is Necessary
Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe, still struggling to overcome the legacy of fifty years of Communist oppression and isolation from the rest of the world.  Part of this legacy is inadequate resources available for the treatment and care of those with any kind of disability—physical or mental—and the social stigma attached to those who are disabled.  Such people are often hidden away at home without opportunities for treatment, education, or social development. Even when taken out, they find that disabled access to buildings and suitable toilets are the exception rather than the rule. 

WHAT is the VT?

VT Albania seeks to serve the disabled by opening new doors of opportunity and choice, connecting students with others in meaningful relationships, and cultivating the potential of each individual.

  • VT provides a day center and sponsors special outings and activities for its students to socialize outside of their homes, with individuals other than their immediate family members.
  • VT offers transportation to the center for its students with a handicap-accessible school bus. 
  • VT employs teachers and a physio therapist at its center as well as utilizes a network of volunteers to invest in the lives of these students from their academic education to their personal development for a wholistic approach.

WGM global worker Nathan Waggoner joined the board of Valdete Trust Albania in 2017.  In 2019, WGM global worker Tiffany Janofski began volunteering for VT in the areas of PR and teaching English. In 2020, the VT-UK board of directors entered into a partnership with WGM-Albania, appointing Tiffany Janofski the new manager of VT Albania beginning in the fall of 2020.

VT Albania’s Long-Term Objective

VT’s longer-term objective is to promote a greater awareness among the people of Albania of the needs and human rights of the disabled. We believe ALL people are created in God’s image, out of an overflow of His great love. Individuals with disabilities are created and loved by God, and He desires a dignified life for them. Our objective is to uphold their value and demonstrate God’s love for them. 

Recent Contributors

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Name Amount Date Comment
Private $20.00 May 18th, 2020 Seanan, it's all about you and Jesus! Ephesians 3:20 ;)
Clete Burtch $40.00 May 19th, 2020 "We Love You SeanNan"...????!
Nathan Waggoner $50.00 May 20th, 2020 Thanks for being our first VT Ambassador! You are a trailblazer! -the Waggoner Family
Barbara Payne $50.00 May 24th, 2020 So proud of the precious young man!! He is a living example of being a dedicated Christian servant!
Janet Janofski $200.00 May 28th, 2020 Way to go Seanan. Thanks for leading the way on this project.
Nathan Waggoner $38.00 Jun 03rd, 2020 Lift Us Up Challenge - 38 steps
Tiffany Janofski $72.00 Jun 06th, 2020 From Lisa Gibbs-Andrews
Stephen Waggoner $25.00 Jun 06th, 2020
Tiffany Janofski $40.00 Jun 08th, 2020 40 steps climbed!
Pamela Arney $200.00 Jun 09th, 2020 I am excited to see what God will do in the days ahead in the lives of our students and the new ones He will bring.
Steven Booker $96.00 Jun 10th, 2020
Janet Janofski $75.00 Jun 12th, 2020
Josh Hilty $50.00 Jun 12th, 2020 Climbed 50 steps. Grateful to be a part of this!
Alicia Burns $60.00 Jun 12th, 2020 We climbed 60 stairs for the Lift It Up Albania challenge.
Larisa Dell $50.00 Jun 12th, 2020
David Jourdan $5,000.00 Jun 12th, 2020 Keep up the great work!
Tiffany Janofski $50.00 Jun 18th, 2020 Gift from Katie Yokers
Tracy Woods $100.00 Jun 20th, 2020
Josh Hilty $83.00 Jun 20th, 2020
Tiffany Janofski $30.00 Jun 21st, 2020 Gifts from Frank and Aurora
Hannah Booker $50.00 Jun 21st, 2020 50 steps climbed!
Dave and Bonita Wuertley $100.00 Jun 23rd, 2020
Lori McDivitt $400.00 Jun 23rd, 2020 LiftusupAlbania
Jorge Gonzalez $100.00 Jun 25th, 2020
Nathan Waggoner $21.00 Jun 26th, 2020 Reni - Lift us up Challenge
Marty and Jeannette Steiner $100.00 Jun 26th, 2020
Private $50.00 Jun 28th, 2020
Isaiah Lowe $100.00 Jun 28th, 2020 Lift us up challenge for an elevator in Albania.
Nathan Lowe $50.00 Jun 28th, 2020 Lift us up challenge
Justine Barker $28.00 Jun 29th, 2020 I climbed 14 stairs!!
Private $72.00 Jul 06th, 2020
Private $2,500.00 Jul 07th, 2020 May the Lord bless you!
Private $100.00 Jul 08th, 2020 Praying for this need to be met!
Henry Favorite $100.00 Jul 08th, 2020
Jeremiah Wood $50.00 Jul 08th, 2020 Love what you all are doing
Carolyn Williams $30.00 Jul 09th, 2020 The only thing I carried up steps were myself(big job) and prayers for this project. God will do it!
Private $50.00 Jul 09th, 2020 May God bless your efforts and abundantly multiply every gift. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration!
Pamela Arney $50.00 Jul 10th, 2020 Given by Ledina Rabdishta
Sherry Atkinson $50.00 Jul 10th, 2020
Janet Janofski $50.00 Jul 11th, 2020
Ken Janofski $240.00 Jul 12th, 2020
Tiffany Janofski $30.00 Jul 13th, 2020 from Egli Tollaku
Amy Kinnell $200.00 Jul 15th, 2020
Whitney Peck $50.00 Jul 21st, 2020
Michele Adkins $2,500.00 Jul 23rd, 2020
Tiffany Janofski $116.00 Jul 24th, 2020 from Anneco van Haarlem
Discover the Joy $100.00 Jul 25th, 2020