Billy Wayne Fuller

Retired Missionary under Special Assignment to Zambia
“Determined and Hardworking”
By Tracy Dubois, Web Writer
June 2014

Riding in an airplane is one of those experiences people either love or hate. And for most people, the event includes sitting in a cramped seat waiting for your complimentary drink and pretzels to arrive. For Billy Wayne Fuller, his first ride in an airplane ended with him jumping out!

Billy Wayne served in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper before joining the WGM family with his wife, Jenny, in January 1984. Although his first flight was definitely a highlight, Billy Wayne was a passenger on many more planes that took him to these places in Kenya: Tenwek Hospital, Olderkesi, Africa Gospel Church Baby Center, and the Missions Staging Area in Salgaa. He has also ministered at Samfya Bible School in Zambia.

During his years in Africa, Billy Wayne was involved in building, maintenance, evangelism, and development.

“Billy Wayne is extremely determined and hardworking, especially in the way he can make something happen in terms of building and development,” shared Jon Steury, who worked with Billy Wayne at Olderkesi and whose home Billy Wayne built. “He has constructed more buildings for WGM Kenya ministries than any other missionary and has contributed amazingly to the development of the infrastructure of the ministries of the Kenya Field.”

Billy Wayne and Jenny ministered and lived among the Maasai until 2006, marking some of Billy Wayne’s favorite memories. He said he was blessed to be able to build and start the Olderkesi Ministry Training Institute.

“I admire Billy Wayne for his love of the Lord and how he shared that with his coworkers at Olderkesi and others in the community,” Jon added. “He and Jenny are very caring people and went out of their way to give and care for the people.”

Although he retired in August 2012, Billy Wayne has not had a lot of time to indulge in his love of fishing or hanging out with his grandchildren as he continues to enjoy ministering alongside Jenny in Zambia. In July 2013, Billy Wayne helped remodel a medical clinic in Livingstone for the George W. Bush Foundation.

Women in Zambia can now be tested for cervical cancer, Kenyan orphans have a safe place to live, and the Maasai are receiving a biblical education all because of the dedicated efforts of Billy Wayne.