Bi-vocational Ministry on the American Indian Field

For over 50 years, missionaries have been serving Native American communities in the southwest United States. A common thread that has been observed in Native communities is a lack of skilled professionals in areas of education, law enforcement, medicine, and many others. Through bi-vocational ministry, missionaries are able to step in to fill a need and new venues for sharing God’s love are opened. 

Open Doors

The goal of the American Indian Field team is to see complete community transformation through working with individuals. Missionaries and volunteers are choosing to be a part of meeting needs and bringing the community to a better overall state of wellness. In other less-developed countries, a ministry may need to be started to meet these needs. However, in Native communities, the structure is there and missionaries can step in and fill vacancies instead of developing a program from the ground up.

Bi-vocational missionaries make themselves available to tribes to fill a need, whether that is in medicine, law enforcement, education, or other public service.   

One missionary on the American Indian Field lives on the Tohono O’odham Reservation and works for the tribal Behavioral Health Program. Through her work caring for developmentally disabled adults, she has been invited into the homes of her clients, enlarging her scope of ministry. 

Dorothy Low, retired missionary, served for nine years as a hospice nurse and had the chance to give end-of-life care to many Native people as well as minister to their families.

“In general, Native Americans are very spiritual people, so encouragement to strengthen their spiritual life is accepted as appropriate,” she shared. “Praying in person or telling them that people around the country are praying for them is always appreciated.”


PrayPRAY: Ask God how He can use your training and skills to help build His kingdom in places where those skills are needed. Pray for wisdom and direction for the AIF team as they seek ways to assist communities by filling vital positions.

GoGO: Want to work in a professional capacity and serve the Lord on the mission field? The door is open on the American Indian Field for professionals interested in serving the Lord through bi-vocational work. Contact or view this list of available ministry opportunities.

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