Audio Bibles Build Disciples in Papua New Guinea

August 3, 2017

“Do you have any of those Bibles that tell the Garden Story?”

A Papua New Guinean woman approached missionary Leatha Jenkins with this strange-sounding request. Confused, Leatha thought over the variety of Bibles she had available for distribution in various languages and sizes. All of them would contain the story of the Garden of Eden, unless they were New Testaments. 

Leatha called over a pastor’s daughter to help discern what the woman meant. After asking a few questions, the younger woman’s face lit up with understanding. She told Leatha, “She means one of the solar-audio Bibles.”

“As I thought about her request,” Leatha said later, “I realized that she was non-literate and had likely been listening when one of the audio units was played by an acquaintance. She heard Genesis for the very first time. And, for the very first time, she felt like she could have her own Bible—and she wanted to make sure she got the one with the Garden Story!”

Solar-Powered Scriptures

In 2015, after working for several years recording and editing an audio version of the Bible in Angal Enen—the heart language of many people in the Nembi/Mendi area of the Southern Highlands Province in PNG—the Bible was ready for distribution on small solar-powered audio devices, aptly called Envoys.

Pioneer missionary Ruth Tipton, now retired, spent most of her years in PNG translating the Bible into Angal Enen. Thanks to this high-tech solution, perfect in infrastructure-poor PNG where electricity isn’t available to all, even people in the most remote places can have access to Scriptures in this language.

The devices are available for purchase by PNG believers for a fourth of the cost, because of several generous gifts from ministry partners. WGM missionaries continue to partner with Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship, which produces the devices. The team continues to develop new solutions, including creating SD/memory cards with the audio Bible and Christian songs. This product, which will be cheaper to produce, will be helpful for people who already have smart phones. 

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