World Gospel Church of Argentina


Iglesia Evangélical Mundial Argentina (World Gospel Church of Argentina) began in 1975 in the city of Salta. The national church is now completely indigenous: self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating.


In the late 1960s, national churches established by WGM were growing and maturing at a fast pace. In 1970, the ministries in Bolivia expanded to reach out to the country of Argentina. Missionaries Frank and Doris Robbins were appointed to help start WGM’s work in the city of Salta. Through door-to-door evangelism and the game of baseball, Frank and Doris were able to start a church in Salta.

Over the next several years, many different missionaries came and went from Argentina, but the Lord was using the seeds of their service to build churches. In the early- to mid-1990s, World Gospel Church of Argentina had 10 congregations, most of which were located in the northern agricultural center of Salta. The first church founded by missionaries outside of Salta was started by Brad and Kristy Weinert in 1991 in the city of Resistencia near the Paraguay border. Today, there are two World Gospel Church congregations in Resistencia.

By 1997, all World Gospel Church congregations were pastored by Argentines, with a WGM missionary available to fill in when needed. To date, the total attendance of World Gospel Church of Argentina is 100 people. Each church reaches out to its local neighborhoods through regular church activities, Sunday School classes, youth meetings, women’s meetings, preaching services, camps/retreats, and special evangelistic events. World Gospel Church provides Argentines with a church where the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached.


Despite the small size of World Gospel Church of Argentina, the Lord is using the outreach of each congregation to save lives in Christ’s name. Pedro and Luis are evidence of such transformed lives.

Pedro: Pedro lived next door to a WGM missionary. His mother attended a Protestant church, but he wanted nothing to do with it because he didn’t see that it made any difference in her life. As he became acquainted with his new foreign neighbor, Pedro told the neighbor that if he ever did go to a Protestant church it would be the missionary’s church, because the missionary was the first person he had ever met who lived what he talked. Pedro eventually started attending church with the missionary, and, after a few weeks, he went forward during an altar call to be saved. However, he didn’t want to get involved in the church’s discipleship program, which was a concern to the missionaries. Instead, Pedro borrowed a lot of books from his missionary neighbor. After a few years, he started attending a local seminary. When asked why he was going to seminary, he simply answered that he wanted to study. After seeing a special on TV one night about a group of indigenous people living on the edge of Resistencia, he decided to get on his motorcycle and check it out. What he found touched his heart, and he began visiting the area on a regular basis and eventually formed a small church. Pedro graduated from seminary and married a lady he had met there and has been the pastor of that church on the edge of the city since it started in the late 1990s. He has also been the president of World Gospel Church of Argentina since 2009.

Luis: Luis was headed to get some rope to end his life one Sunday night when he passed in front of a church during their service time. The pastor’s wife was standing out front and felt urged to invite him to come in for the service. Luis didn’t know why, but he decided to go in. He enjoyed the lively music, and, during the preaching of the Word, God began to speak to Luis. At the end of the service when the pastor gave an invitation, Luis asked Jesus to come into his heart and life. After Luis got to know some of the young people and the pastor a little better, he shared with them about the night he was saved. Luis has continued his walk with the Lord and even served as the pastor of one of the churches for two years. Although Luis no longer serves as a pastor, he is still an active member of his church, he is married with a daughter, and he owns a bakery.


World Gospel Church of Argentina knows the importance of ministering to children, youth, and families. With this in mind, the national church has started a fund to purchase property to build a camp/retreat center.

Pray for World Gospel Church of Argentina.PRAY: Pray for the Lord’s blessing on World Gospel Church of Argentina as the congregations reach out to national Christians and those who need to know Christ. Pray also that God will provide for the camp/retreat center fund so this new ministry can begin impacting Argentine hearts and lives.

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