Church Ministries in Albania

The church in Albania is young. It was almost eliminated under the oppressive, atheistic rule of communism. Operation World estimates that less than 1 percent of Albanians consider themselves to be evangelical Christians.

Muslim groups from outside Albania are pouring money into the country to build mosques and claim villages for Islam. However, the leaders in one village where Planters Seed Foundation and World Gospel Mission serve have twice turned down requests to sell property for a mosque. These leaders instead sold a plot of ground in the middle of the village to Planters for a future church saying, “Planters was here first.”

WGM missionaries are excited to help plant a church here and are participating in evangelism and men’s and women’s ministries to build relationships.

  • Evangelism: The doors are open for evangelism in Albania. While there are opportunities for public evangelism, most progress is made over coffee and takes time, even years. Relationships are king in Albania! In fact, nothing gets done in the country without relationships, including evangelism.
  • Men’s Ministry: How do coffee and dominoes help spread the gospel in Albania? As in any culturally Muslim country, men hold ultimate control of their families. Building relationships with the men of the villages allows every other ministry to take place. As trust grows, so grows the ministry.
  • Women’s Ministry: Village women are hard workers. The responsibilities of the household chores and raising children fall on them and keep them very busy. Although progress has been slow, through home visits, weekly fellowships, and a women’s retreat, a handful of women believers in a local village attend a weekly Bible study. The Spirit is moving among the women as others continue to seek Him.

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