Children’s/Youth Ministries in Albania

After 50 years of communist rule, Albanian adults are difficult to reach with the gospel. Since 1999, Planters Seed Foundation has focused on children’s ministries to transform communities. As the children respond to God’s Word and love for them, their parents become more open to hearing as they see the change in their children. Planters workers have also been invited into these families’ homes through the children.

World Gospel Mission is partnering with Planters in children’s and youth outreaches in two villages. One location is a rural mountain village 90 minutes from the capital of Tirana. Due to its isolation, the village has remained unchanged for generations. Planters holds Bible clubs in the village every other week in addition to doing home visits and providing compassionate assistance to the community.

The other village is about 30 minutes from Tirana. Planters has a ministry center there where weekly Bible clubs and youth groups meet. English classes and fellowships for men and women also take place on a regular basis. When possible, special events are held at the center as outreach opportunities to the general community.



PRAY: Pray that the message of God's love will take root in the hearts of children who attend the ministry center. Pray for the missionary team as they communicate the truths of the gospel in a kid-friendly way.