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World Gospel Mission has been ministering in East Africa since the 1930s but didn’t begin working in Uganda until 1992. At the time, missionaries serving in Kenya moved to Uganda to help establish the work of Africa Gospel Church in Uganda.

By 1999, there were two AGC congregations in Uganda. To date, there are more than 140 congregations as well as many preaching points and church plants in various stages of development. More than 300 Ugandan pastors, assistant pastors, youth leaders, and worship leaders have also studied in WGM’s pastoral training program.

AGC was officially registered with the Ugandan government in November 2010. The denomination operates with its own elected church leadership while remaining in close cooperation and partnership with WGM.

“AGC Uganda has the opportunity to connect people to Jesus, using the message of holiness,” stated Jeff Stanfield, field director for WGM Uganda. “As people respond, their lives are transformed.”


Wilson has planted two churches in Uganda and is the proud father of four children. However, he didn’t always have such a promising life. His father died when Wilson was a child, and Wilson was abandoned by his mother. Wilson became a child soldier in the rebel forces of the Lord’s Resistance Army in his early teens. After leaving that violent life, Wilson was homeless and addicted to drugs.

An older Christian lady led Wilson to the Lord, and his life gradually began to turn around. He felt led by God to become a pastor and soon planted a church. The local witch doctor was very resistant to the new church. Tragedy struck when the witch doctor poisoned Wilson’s wife, killing her. But even through his grief, Wilson remained faithful to God’s call.

Later, he heard about the pastors’ training offered by AGC Uganda and WGM. He knew that was what God wanted him to do, and he completed the training. Soon after, Wilson married a wonderful Christian woman who is a partner in ministry with him. Wilson says, “I am what I am because of the training I have received. Not only am I a better pastor, but I am also a better father, better husband, and better person.”


Current AGC Uganda ministries include:

  • Evangelism and Church Planting – AGC Uganda has a passion for sharing God’s love with people, helping them to experience new life in Christ and to plant churches to nurture these believers. The growth of the church from one congregation to more than 140 has been fueled by AGC evangelists and church planters.
  • Children’s Ministries – About 51 percent of Ugandans are under the age of 15, and children under the age of 9 years old comprise 38 percent of the population. AGC Uganda ministers to children through Sunday School classes, Bible clubs, and Holiday Bible Schools (VBS), enabling the children’s lives to be transformed and giving the children the opportunity to impact their communities and country for Christ when they become adults.
  • Community Outreach – Communities are reached by the church through Community Health Empowerment and Farming God’s Way.
  • o CHE is a wholistic ministry through which community members are taught to live healthier lives through spiritual, physical, health, and community-development training. Those trained in CHE then teach the information they learned to others in their community, encouraging them to live healthier lives which will enable the community to move forward and be transformed together.
    o Farming God’s Way is a farming approach motivated by biblical truths. It uses a technology similar to conservation/organic farming.
  • Island Ministries (Lake Victoria) – On Buvuma Island, AGC Uganda and WGM are partnering in children’s education and local church evangelism ministries.
  • Leadership Development – AGC Uganda firmly believes that strong and growing churches are led by strong and growing leaders. Every year, regional leadership conferences are held for pastors to gather for times of worship, prayer, and teaching.
  • Pastoral Training – This program provides training for and the development of church leaders, pastors, evangelists, and other Christian workers. The training includes theology, pastoral care, practical ministry skills, and Biblical storytelling.
  • Women’s Ministries – Women reaching women is the goal of AGC Uganda women’s ministries, which include women’s groups, Bible studies, and special seminars on being a godly woman, marriage, and families.
  • Men’s Ministries – Men learn together through Bible studies, men’s groups, pastoral training seminars, and activities.
  • University Discipleship Movement – This very active ministry at the international universities in Kampala and on other campuses throughout East Africa is reaching students through Bible studies, church services, discipleship groups, etc.
  • Congregational Outreach – AGC Uganda holds camp meetings, regular church activities, special events, and crusades for its congregations.


As AGC Uganda continues to grow, its goals include:

  • Planting churches in cities and key towns in Uganda, helping to promote self-governing, self-propagating, and self-supporting ministries
  • Encouraging the church to start institutions such as schools, hospitals, and self-sustaining projects as ministry opportunities
  • Developing church leaders by giving them the skills they need to cast the vision and mission of AGC Uganda. This can be accomplished by empowering leaders with ministry knowledge, exposing them to opportunities to develop confidence to serve better, and providing them with the resources that will help them to fully commit to church life.

Pray for AGC Uganda.PRAY: Pray that AGC Uganda will be a light to the entire nation. Pray that pastors will lead their congregations into a deeper understanding of the Bible and that church members will catch the vision to reach out in practical ways to see their communities transformed.

Do you want to go to Uganda?GO: Do you want to go to Uganda? AGC Uganda invites you to participate on a short-term missions trip. Many Ugandans have yet to hear the gospel, and many more are waiting to be discipled in their faith. Visit or contact today.

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