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Are you a parent, grandparent, guardian, Sunday School teacher, or neighbor looking for ways to get the kids in your life excited about and involved in missions? World Go! Adventures: Top Secret Missions was made with you in mind.

Throughout 2015, brother-sister duo Gabe, 8, and Bethany, 10, will travel the globe in search of the nine characteristics of a missions-active Christian. Those nine things are: pray, witness, service, love, give, partner, endure, teach, and plant. During your travels, you’ll complete different activities and slowly build a map of the world.

Ready? Click the links below to start your global missions adventure with Gabe and Bethany.

*Articles are posted monthly and are written for adults to help kids become missions active.


Did you know that more than 60 percent of the world can’t read? Imagine not being able to read a letter from your grandma, a text from your best friend, or the Bible. Travel with Gabe and Bethany to Africa, where they partner with missionaries in Burundi, Kenya, South Sudan, and Uganda to tell others about God through Bible Storytelling.

Bethany and Gabe


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