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Are you a parent, grandparent, guardian, Sunday School teacher, or neighbor looking for ways to get the kids in your life excited about and involved in missions? World Go! Adventures: Top Secret Missions was made with you in mind.

Throughout 2015, brother-sister duo Gabe, 8, and Bethany, 10, will travel the globe in search of the nine characteristics of a missions-active Christian. Those nine things are: pray, witness, service, love, give, partner, endure, teach, and plant. During your travels, you’ll complete different activities and slowly build a map of the world.

Ready? Click the links below to start your global missions adventure with Gabe and Bethany.

*Articles are posted monthly and are written for adults to help kids become missions active.

Top Secret!

This part of your trip will take you to a secret location in the Middle East as you, Gabe, and Bethany learn about the importance of prayer. You might even run into a camel on your journey. Don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses for this wild ride.

Top Secret!
WORLD GO! ADVENTURES: Top Secret Missions

Join brother-sister duo Gabe and Bethany Smith as they travel the world, searching for the nine things needed to be a missions-active Christian. Not sure what that means? Click the above link for an introduction to WGM’s 2015 Kids’ Curriculum: World Go! Adventures. Happy travels!

Bethany and Gabe



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