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Calling all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, Sunday School teachers, and neighbors! Have you been asking how you can get the kids in your life involved in missions? The answers you’re looking for can be found here!

Throughout 2014, Kids’ Curriculum will highlight special life milestones—going to church, school, the doctor—that all kids have, no matter where they live. Articles will include interviews with missionary families from around the world, fun missions activities, and links to projects in the Kids Helping Kids Great Co-Mission Catalog.

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*Articles are posted bimonthly and are written for adults to help kids become missions active.

HOLIDAY TRADITIONS: America vs. Albania

In America, Christmas decorations and layaway counters start appearing in stores in early October. In Albania, celebrating Christmas was illegal just 20 years ago. Fortunately, for missionary kids Ellie and Reni Waggoner, that law is no longer in effect. Find out what other holidays Ellie and Reni enjoy.

GOING TO THE DOCTOR: Shots Aren’t So Bad

Do you like going to the doctor? Even if it’s not your favorite thing to do, you know it’s important to make sure you and the kids in your life are healthy. Nurse Robyn Moore takes care of kids at the Africa Gospel Church Baby Centre in Kenya.

GOING TO SCHOOL: Friends, Buses, Languages, Oh My!

Students everywhere know how hard the first day of school is. You have to get up early, find your locker, and concentrate all day. Imagine all that with the added stress of not knowing anyone and maybe not even speaking the language. Such is the case for Andrés Donahue.

GOING TO CHURCH: Lead a Longer, Happier Life

For some kids, going to church means getting up early and wearing nice clothes. Others are excited to sing, hang out with friends, and eat yummy snacks. What excites the Schmidt sisters in Bolivia about going to church?

GOING TO CAMP: An Adventure with Jesus

What’s your favorite thing about camp—playing games, making new friends, going on fun adventures? Native American kids of all ages get excited about summer Bible camp at Southwest Indian Ministries Center. Learn more about these adventures on the American Indian Field.

MOVING: Life without McDonalds!

As impossible as it might sound, kids in Papua New Guinea live without McDonald’s, Walmart, and free WiFi! However, they get to enjoy new friends, a new culture, and warm tropical weather. Learn more about life in PNG from missionary kids Jenn, Joe, and Ryan Johnson.

Get the kids in your life involved in missions!



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