World Gospel Mission partners with individuals and churches worldwide to make disciples of Christ and encourage believers to become missions-active through ministries that reach the whole person—physically and spiritually—transforming communities.

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The July/August/September 2015 issue of The Call

Each WGM location and cause has many members (missionaries), each with unique ministry responsibilities that form the WGM framework. This issue highlights some of the ministry opportunities that make us uniquely WGM.

Committed to Christ-centered Care by Kacey Heinlein with Mike Chupp
Investing in Leaders by Mark Dunbar
Who's Got Your Back? by Bonnie Gouge
Bill, Joy, and Walter Irwin are called to care for women and children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Loving in Jesus’ Name: Bill and Joy Irwin
Bill, Joy, and their son, Walter, are called to care for women and children through the ministries at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya. It is their desire to love in Jesus’ name and to pour out their lives throughout sub-Saharan Africa. More >

Help provide food, schooling, and fun for needy children like this African boy.

Kids Helping Kids: Gift Catalog Created for Children
Getting kids interested in missions isn’t always easy. They’re usually more focused on social media, video games, sports, or TV. The Kids Helping Kids gift catalog is a great resource and an opportunity for kids to help people their own age. More >

World Go! Adventures Curriculum for Africa—Partner

World Go! Adventures: Partner
More than 60 percent of the world can’t read. Imagine not being able to read a letter from your grandma, a text from your friend, or the Bible. Help Gabe and Bethany tell people in Africa about God through Bible Storytelling. More >


Here are several tools for your taking! WGM wants to help you as you do missions right where you are.

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Honduras: Steve and Kelly Solheim
In the midst of their passion for ministry, missionaries sometimes question if they are really making a difference. This thought has been on Kelly Solheim’s mind recently as she and her family prepare to leave Escuela El Sembrador in Honduras for homeland ministry assignment. Read on to learn how God used a student’s gift to assure her that they are right where He wants them to be. More>

Checklist: Yard Sale for Missions
Do you have unwanted stuff lying around your house? Wondering what to do with this bounty of unwanted goods? Have a yard sale and donate the proceeds to a missionary, special project, or missions team. You’ll unclutter your house while donating to a cause with eternal impact. Check out our handy yard sale checklist to get started today. More>