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The July/August/September issue of The Call

Immigration is an area where God is moving, and opportunities to share the gospel with these individuals are abundant. In this issue, you will read about ministry opportunities WGM is currently involved in.

Escaping Home by Adhanom Hidug
Flight of Egypt by Jon Steury
Immigration and the Image of God by Zach Motts
Casilyn, 11, asked her grandmother to teach her how to sew when she found out about this need.

The Dignity Project: Speaking Truth
Missionary Jade Metz saw the struggles that young women and girls face in Uganda during their monthly periods, and she knew she had to do something. God led her to speak His truth into their lives through The Dignity Project. Discover More >

In missions, social work involves caring for people and helping them live better.

Social Work: The Hands and Feet of Jesus
Jesus was the best social worker the world has ever seen! Missionaries involved in social work seek to follow His perfect example of caring for people in the context of their communities and helping them live better. Discover More >

Follow Dr. B, Bethany, and Gabe as they head to Japan in 1960.

Time Travel Adventures: Japan, 1960
Who taught you about Jesus? Follow Dr. B, Bethany, and Gabe as they head to Japan in 1960 to visit a group of college students at a Bible study taught by missionaries David and Edna Kuba.
Discover More >


Here are several tools for your taking! WGM wants to help you as you do missions right where you are.

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American Indian Field: Camp is More Than a Place
Volunteer Heather Ward is helping with some of the responsibilities at Living Word Academy for the school year. Heather spent the summer working with kids’ camps at Southwest Indian Ministries Center. Discover More > 

Kenya: Clark and Valerie Sleeth
Kenya: Clark and Valerie Sleeth Clark and Valerie will be serving at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya as missionary disciples, along with their daughter, Hannah. As they enter into this missionary journey, they are talking about the redemptive love of God on their blog. Discover more >