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The January/February/March 2016 issue of The Call

In this issue, we share the stories behind favorite missions photos or pieces of art. You don’t have to be a talented photographer or an artist to be inspired by God’s handiwork.

From Inspiration to Involvement by Jared Gleason, Support Staff
Weathering Hurricane Mitch by Marion Lewton, Retiree
The Sugar Cane Workers by Larry Overholt, missionary to Honduras
Chrissy Greenwell’s ministries in Villa Hidalgo are vital as more than 14,000 people in that community need to hear God’s Word and see His love.

Real Transformation in Villa Hidalgo, Mexico
More than 14,000 people in Villa Hidalgo, Mexico, need to hear the truth of God’s Word and see His love in action. Join missionary Chrissy Greenwell in reaching out to the people of Villa Hidalgo through church ministries. Discover More >

Join Dr. B, Bethany, and Gabe as they learn about VBS in India!

Time Travel Adventures: India, 1956
Hang on to your turbans as you head to 1956 Tamilnadu, India, with Dr. B, Bethany, and Gabe. You’re going to meet missionary Mary Hamilton and watch her in action during a VBS program held in the village. Discover More >

Help Tenwek Hospital in Kenya replace this broken washing machine and return to its normal surgery schedule.

Clean Laundry Saves Lives: Help Tenwek Buy a Washer
Clean laundry is a must for good hygiene, and, in a hospital, it’s a matter of life and death. Tenwek Hospital in Kenya needs a new washing machine in order to return to its normal surgery schedule. Can you help? Discover More >


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Bolivia: Rick and Lori Lampen
When trouble struck two people in their church in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Rick and Lori witnessed the power of faith, grace, and healing. Learn the amazing story of how God uses the hard things in life to teach those going through suffering as well as the supporting church community. Discover More > 

Cambodia: Titus and Jewel Romdenh
Titus and Jewel look forward to returning to Titus’ homeland of Cambodia to share the gospel with the educated upper class. As they prepare for this ministry, they are also trying to resolve their daughter, Sophear’s, medical condition. Discover More >