World Gospel Mission partners with individuals and churches worldwide to make disciples of Christ and encourage believers to become missions-active through ministries that reach the whole person—physically and spiritually—transforming communities.

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The January/February/March 2015 issue of The Call

Explore praise updates that have happened as a result of your prayers for World Gospel Mission. Sense the blessing it is to know that God hears your prayers and that WGM’s ministries are blessed because of your support.

Prayer, Praises, and Dancing by John and Beth Muehleisen
The Blessing of Rice by Benji Jenkins
Christian Union Church of Papua New Guinea: Celebrating 50 Years of Ministry by Benji Jenkins
Declare Missions

Declare Missions: Northeast Celebration of Missions
Declaring God’s glory is a fundamental part of what missions is all about. Please join us for Northeast Celebration of Missions, April 24-25, at the Clarion Holiday Inn in Clarion, Pennsylvania. More >

Mike and Julie Ganey, Kenya

Serving and Teaching with Excellence: The Ganey Family
Husband and wife. Dad and mom. Surgeon and teacher. Whatever role they are serving in, Mike and Julie Ganey are a team striving to serve with excellence. They are currently preparing to serve at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya. More >

WGM President Announces Retirement

WGM President Hubert Harriman Announces Retirement
On March 12, Dr. Hubert Harriman announced that he is retiring as the president of WGM. His retirement will take effect July 31, 2016. However, he will continue to focus on positioning WGM for ongoing ministry and growth. More >


Here are several tools for your taking! WGM wants to help you as you do missions right where you are.

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Congo: Scott and Meg Rambo
Meg Rambo, missionary to Uganda with her husband, Scott, blogs at On the Road with the Rambos. She posted recently about how living in different cultures has changed her perspective and how the concept of “change” has played a role in her relationship with God. More>

AIF: Laura Lea Sims
Have you ever “wondered” if you should invite someone to dinner or out to coffee for a chat? Laura Lea Sims, missionary on the American Indian Field, shares an update from teaching Sunday School at her church, New Beginnings, where she asked a question like this. More>